A Slice of Vintage Morocco in your Living Room…

With a wide range of choice in our Moroccan Vintage Rugs you are really spoilt for choice when putting a magical moroccan vibe and a touch of vintage elegance on your home. Sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco they tell the story of times before. They may proudly show case a touch of wear and tear that reminds us of the times gone before them.  From a different era…we love the romance behind this.

Our Vintage Moroccan rugs are unique, they are welcoming, homely and eclectic. We are proud to host unique one off pieces at Love Moroccan Rugs for example Boujaad rugs from the 1970’s made with soft wool and natural dyes, the warm pink, red and orange hues are a defining feature of these tribal rugs that were hand-woven by woman of the community. Irregular patterning and designs are imbued with traditional Berber motifs that symbolise themes like fertility, spirituality and rural family life.

These are timeless investment pieces that allow you to add a layer of meaning, history and thought to your home.  They can really transform a room with the ability to move them around with you and create a space in keeping with your lifestyle and purpose- making your home diverse and flexible.   In our current climate of renting or buying/renovating our vintage moroccan rugs can come with you transforming a before empty space into something homely and comforting.  Layer your living spaces with one of a kind Cactus Silk Cushions to add comfort and texture to your home. Vintage Moroccan styling lends itself to the “more is more” approach to cushions and throws plus giving you the option to pair your vintage moroccan rug with oversized comfy moroccan floor cushions.

The colours you will find in our Vintage Moroccan Rugs are like a warm hug on a chilly evening. Burnt oranges, faded peaches, burnished reds accompanied by grounding tones like caramels and earthy reds. They combine so well with timbers, concrete and tiled flooring giving them a layer of warmth and texture.  They even change the acoustics  and feel of a room which is invaluable when creating a homely atmosphere.

To accompany your vintage moroccan rugs we love to use our traditional tan leather ottomans or add a pop of modern try something more metallic like our gold and silvers which look beautiful against these earthy tones. 

Vintage Moroccan pieces that are unique and one of a kind are true investment pieces for your home and the beauty of this is that our rugs and accessories transcend location and look as good in a Byron beach house as they do in front of a fireplace in your Melbourne townhouse.   Investing in a vintage moroccan rug is as much an heirloom and it is a forever piece.  Interested in a modern twist in moroccan styling? Catch up on all of our Modern Moroccan Styling tips.

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Love Kate xx