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My name is Alex and I am a self taught full time painter from Berry on the NSW South Coast where I have lived all my life and now live with own young family.

My work is a reflection of my natural surrounding from the rolling hills which surround our region to the fresh open beaches and intricate rock pools which I explore with my little ones.

I have always painted but it was only since having my two children that I felt my inhibitions dissolve enough to show my work to others. Since then I have evolved my work predominantly working in the same style I have been working in since high school. I love to use bold colours and reveal the story of my work through the use of pattern. I do this by applying a layer of paint over the colour in varying intensity and embellishing with dots and intricate patterns. I often include strange little creatures and hidden layers in my paintings and my children always make their mark which i include in the finished painting.

I am formally trained as a facialist and studied the practice of reiki energy healing which I still use today in my painting. When I am deep in the flow of my work I feel a deep connection to the land and infuse positive energy into every piece through use of colour and texture.