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Art has always been a part of Angie’s life for as long as she can remember. First introduced to oil painting by her Grandfather, a talented landscape artist, her passion for oil painting was ignited.

Angie paints not to represent things perfectly but to bring joy through texture, colour and shape.

Her paintings are known for their abundantly applied oil paint – “I can’t have too much paint on the canvas. Thick, buttery paint layered on with a palette knife gives it that extra dimension. People often like to touch my art, and I love that” says Angie.

Embracing playfulness and fun her artwork uplifts and brings a sense of happiness and contentment.

Her art is more varied than most, she loves creating new things so her works are always fresh and evolving.

You can can find Angie’s artworks in private collections in the US, UK, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia