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Limited Edition prints from colourful artist Bonnie Gray.


I think in technicolour. A friend of sunshine and a regular to the ocean, I crave the simple, light-filled things.

What inspires me? Mornings and market runs; bicycles and fresh flowers; making smoothies and basking in the sun; unheard music and a day in the studio; laughter and authenticity; electric ideas and big thinkers; friendship and house plants. It’s all of these things and so much more that fill each brushstroke. 



''With every brushstroke comes a song

With every daring colour comes a word

With every heart idea comes a dance

That you can't help but jiggy to; 

It's a beat of simple, joyous wonder'' 


Every painting is inspired by

Tropical Summers

90s memories

Songwriting bliss

Pink flamingos

Fruit smoothies

And deep pockets filled with honest heart joys. 


Each painting comes with a card and surprise poem. 

I cannot wait to post your colourful piece to your doorstep.