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Britty Flynn is a Sydney based Artist and is known for her use of bold colours and shapes. 

Born in 1991 Britty has lived in 6 different countries - Australia, United States, England, The Netherlands, Germany and Canada. Flynn made her breakthrough into the Art World when she painted a 42m mural in London. She has exhibited and sold work Internationally and throughout Australia.


My Work is a representation of my mind when it is at peace, happy and is feeling free in the present moment. I draw inspiration from nature. I have plants and flowers in my home and studio and before I start painting in the morning I get myself in the creative mood by playing music that reflects the piece of art I am working on that day.

Before I start painting I calm my body and mind by lighting a candle and putting on music. When I paint I feel free and lose myself in the moment. I don't have a finished piece in mind when I paint, I allow my subconscious mind to make up the shapes and strokes. I watch my paint brush move around the canvas as it chooses its next colour on the pallet.