My name is Carla and I’m a Melbourne based Visual and Contemporary Artist.

I began my artistic life at the age of 8, taking on several Art Courses with some of Australia’s most renowned portrait, landscape and Fine Artists, up until my late teens. Bette McCauley and the Ruth Tuck Art School were where I spent most of my childhood days, outside of School Hours. I then studied both Art and Graphic Design in Adelaide, South Australia in my late teens and early 20s before moving to Melbourne in 2001.

I spent my full time working life initially as a Floral Designer and then working in the Fashion Industry for the next 18 years, in State and National roles. I always continued to draw and paint in a little side business of my own throughout this time; completing personal commissions, designs and portraiture for clients, friends and the people I’d meet along the way.

I’m now in my small West Melbourne Studio painting full time. While trained in Portraiture and Fine Art, the creative freedom in Abstract and Contemporary Painting is where I found my place. A new and larger studio space for my works is under construction and will be ready in 2022.