Hi and WELCOME to my world of colour and fun. I'm Deb McNaughton - artist, mum, dog mumma to business mascot Brandy Pants, wife and happiness creator. Together, we make life bright and colourful in Aspendale, Victoria, Australia!


I studied Fine Art at The University of Ballarat before continuing on to get a degree in Teaching. After teaching for 7 years, my real art journey only truly began in 2015 while on maternity leave at home with two babies. I painted while they slept and I painted for my own mental health.


My original art is what I call intuitive art. Art from the heart. The process of allowing each layer of paint to inform what comes next. I am guided by creative cycles, inspired by life.  I love this creative journey and love being guided by it.  When I create original paintings this is where they are for sale.  Before listing them I have them photographed and create a small amount of limited edition prints.

My aim to bring colour into people's lives through art and to spark joy. I am often told my artwork and my designs make people happy so if I can continue to change the world by making people happy through my art, then that shall be my mission. Making the world a brighter, happier place through art.

So thanks for joining me, liking me, relating to me, believing in me, supporting me and cheering me on from wherever you are on this planet. I appreciate you!

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