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Born in WA, my inspiration comes from a deep love of and connection to nature that began in childhood exploring the hectares of untouched bush behind our house. There were weekend picnics in the HK Holden to the hills and bush around Perth, and to the wheat belt country of the family farm; later many visits to friends working the mines up in the Pilbara. It’s a very big state. Then I moved to the east coast and another door opened.
I work from my own photographs, memory and imagination, and my process is intuitive. It always begins with a palette of colours, with the intention only to make a ground. Then a dialogue begins and the painting’s subject is slowly discovered. I mostly mix colour on the canvas and love to explore new tools and palettes to keep my paintings fresh and immediate. The results are unpredictable, leading to variations in style from abstracts with geometric elements to both expressive and more impressionistic landscapes. The creative freedom in this way of working is very rewarding.
In all my artworks I try to communicate the intensity of feeling I have for the Australian landscape. I work from a small studio in my lovely Sydney garden.