Elizabeth is a mixed media artist living in Sydney.

Elizabeth’s inspiration is drawn from her travel experiences and elements of beauty found in everyday life; nature and landscape, and these weave their way into her work in the form of symbols, patterns, marks, shapes and simplified/stylised forms. She enjoys working in different mediums; watercolour and gouache, ink, acrylic, pen, collage and stitching, and her artworks can incorporate some, or all of those mediums. Texture and tactility are important components in Elizabeth’s work.

Elizabeth says of her work:

“My paintings invite a conversation. Colour, layers, marks, pattern and texture within the painting reflect one expressive moment leading to the next. I don’t begin with a defined outcome when I start a piece of work. Rather I start by laying down initial marks or washes of colour that then determine the direction of the painting, each mark informing the next, intuitively”.

Elizabeth enjoys painting in a predominantly abstract style, and is striving to achieve a looser, more expressive and spontaneous response to nature and the landscape. She sells her work online, via her website and is a resident gallery artist at Art Gallery On Palm Beach in Sydney.

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