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Emilie Maguin is a visual artist based in Perth, Western Australia.
Her work is bold and playful, focusing on a poetic depiction of the natural world with the use of strong colour and pattern. The flattened perspective lends an almost naive quality to the paintings; typically a whimsical still life with exuberant native flowers, or a giant pottery vessel decorated with birds. Layers and layers of heavy acrylics and pastels build up the textural plane of the canvas, adding to the visual interest and tactility of Emilie's works.
Colour, symbolism and story telling are the heart of each composition, and every painting is considered a message in a bottle, waiting to start the conversation with its perfect recipient.

Emilie's artistic training was acquired in Aix-en-Provence, France, where she grew up. Her influences are varied, but the works of Henri Matisse, Vanessa Bell and David Hockney remain firm favourites.