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Jackie Green 

Jackie is a visual artist living in Blairgowrie with her husband and 3 boys.

Her unique, instantly recognisable work is focussed on mixed mediums -from acrylic, enamel, canvas, plywood, paper and aluminium to LED neon.

Jackie loves to explore our beautiful coastline, foraging,  collecting items and  taking photos to paint. She is passionate about all things nature, old signs, typography, billboards, vintage advertising, sign ghosting and mid century design.

A childhood living at the base of Mt Wellington in Tasmania, Jackie would spot platypus on her walk to school - and spent her days drawing and painting trees and the surrounding nature.

Her work is influenced by a diverse life, travelling OS and having also spent time in the Adelaide Hills, Coogee beach in Sydney, Airlie beach, St Kilda, Elwood and her own studio in Port Melbourne - where she drew on inspiration from graphic design, advertising posters a century modern design.

Jackie's varied creative strengths enabled her to achieve honours for her pictorial art and gold leaf work at the Melbourne College of Decoration; she has also studied at the Melbourne School of Art and Photography and Interior Design and Art deco and mid-century modern design.

Her work has been commissioned for many buildings in Melbourne and homes in Sydney, and her mural work in cafe’s and restaurants in Melbourne and the MP

She paints intuitively, creating work that features nature and typography; her expression sometimes hidden under layers and layers of paint to tell a story where you will see letters, numbers, feelings and depth.