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Jen is an Australian contemporary artist creating colourful paintings inspired by nature from her studio in Melbourne.

 Outside in the natural environment is where I am most comfortable. Sketching the organic forms that surround me, I take them back to my studio where I abstract the beauty and vibrancy of the experience into my paintings.

 Jen's work was selected in 2020 by the The Block Shop (from TV show 'The Block' Channel 9) and Temple & Webster to have prints made available for sale on their websites along with Artist Lane in Melbourne.

 Currently Jen is abstracting flowers from nature utilising layering of the organic forms. 'The deep charcoal backgrounds reflect the emotion I feel when we as humans choose to wreak havoc on our environment, this is in juxtaposition to the beauty of the flowers and organic life that we must preserve. For me, it is important that my art should tell a story and bring pleasure to connect with the viewer so that it’s both enjoyed and highlights the need protect our planet'.

 'My work is to make something beautiful. I am passionate about protecting and preserving our environment in its natural state and in all its beauty.