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Kirsten Gray is a proud Muruwari & Yuwaalaraay

woman with family connections through her mother's

line to Angledool and Brewarrina in north-western

NSW. Kirsten paints under the name "Yuluwirribaa"

which literally means the "place of rainbows" in the

Yuwaalaraay language. It is through art that she has

expresses her connection to her culture and works

through her time in the child welfare system.


This piece is called "Ganagha Mirr'" which means

underneath the stars in Yuwaalaraay. The colours of the

piece invoke the dry colours of Country and show

groups of people coming together at night time to

conduct ceremony.

We can see baaluu the moon and different

constellations in the sky which speak to the importance

of astronomy to the ways of life of First Nations people.

We can see the hills and other parts of the landscape

which our people have traversed since time

immemorial. The piece also speaks to the importance

of First Nations women and the distinct role they play

in ceremony and as knowledge holders and