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Leigh Vardanega’s paintings are deeply influenced by the coastal and bush environment, as well as her nostalgic recollections of formative years spent by the sea. Her artistic style can be described as abstract, although it often incorporates realistic elements,

consistently showcasing a connection to nature.

Leigh is drawn to texture, pattern and colour. The patina of a weathered surface, lichen or peeling bark, markings on a palm tree, cracks in a footpath - Leigh captures these elements through her photography or etching them into her memories and returns to her studio on Sydney's Northern Beaches to put them on canvas.

Above all, Leigh's art is driven by a desire to evoke joy and inspire an appreciation of the natural world.

2023 Exhibitions

Petite Collection / Ken Done exhibition finalistSydney Road Gallery - Colour Block Show Sydney Road Gallery - In The Frame

Affordable Art Fair, Sydney
Sydney Road Gallery - 6th Birthday show Toowoomba Grammar Art Show

Aspire Gallery Qld - Petite Pieces Finalist