Liana Purser is a self-taught artist located in Geelong. She started painting in 2020 whilst recovering from a breast cancer diagnosis during her pregnancy with her daughter. As she recovered from chemotherapy with her newborn, she immersed herself in painting where she could find peace, calmness and experience, contentment, and health. Since starting her painting journey she has experimented with colours, techniques & now developed what she believes to be a unique style of abstract art that reflects her life journey. What Liana loves most about painting is being in that creative zone, alongside her 4-year-old daughter, creating craft together has been a beautiful process. Liana mainly uses acrylic paints and soft pastels on canvas building layers to produce a unique piece of art. Her art is very intuitive, and she evokes a sense of freedom, contentment & peace in each piece of work. When not painting Liana is either spending time with her family or work as a part time Emergency Nurse.