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The past ten years of painting has been a lot of passionate hard work combined with a powerful need to express what is important to me. The natural environment is what is extremely important to me and that is reflected in nearly all of my work. I paint landscapes as hardy, practical places that provide healthy habitats for flora and fauna, not as a pleasant view for humans. My view is that the natural environment does not exist for exploitation on any level. My work is a direct and immediate response to the destruction of the natural environment in the name of ‘progress’.

I can spend hours on a beach or a walking track and visually process many minute habitats, complete with colour and texture. Months, and sometimes years later, these casual and important observations emerge within a painting and I am left to decipher the place and the memory. I need to paint and I love it.

I am a prolific painter and have sold many works over the past 10 years to local and international buyers.