My name is Selena Waterson and I am a self taught Melbourne-based artist.

Painting has always been a hobby of mine, but I realised my true passion for art and creativity when I fell pregnant with my first son and decided to do some oil paintings for his nursery. I am inspired by everything around me in my day-to-day life such as nature, food, drink, flowers and cute homewares. It’s the simple things in life, the hidden treasures that are often overlooked that I like to emphasise.

The intention behind my artwork is to bring light and happiness into the home and provide the viewer with a sense of warmth, calm and gratitude. My style could be described as similar to still life but with the added element of imagination and playfulness, usually portraying a story through the beauty and simplicity of a tablescape. I love using warm, peachy tones with splashes of bold colour through the use of acrylics on canvas. You will find that I use a lot of texture throughout my paintings to really bring them to life and draw the viewer in, allowing them to create their own reality and meaning behind the painting. 

There is typically an element of surprise when I paint, as I tend to start with an idea but not a full thought-out plan, and I love seeing the ideas that come to me throughout the process! I genuinely love creating my art from start to finish and my ultimate goal is to provide my audience with as much joy as I experience when they see my art.