Sue started painting 5 years ago. She bought her first watercolour palette, a brush and watercolour pad. Sue had a small room which she turned into an study and it all started from there.

Watercolour was always her first choice and Sue found it very soothing. She experimented for a while then decided to try acrylic and canvas.

Sue loved using this medium and abstract art was the beginning. She tried anything from canvas, wood, paper and perspex. She never worried what people might think she just followed her heart.

Now Sue lives in country, Victoria and she loves it. Birds are a favourite of hers to paint and our beautiful country side.

Sue paints most days and for her its therapeutic and she needs to paint. She doesn't function well without something to draw or paint.

Sues advice to new painters. Follow your heart and paint what you love the most whether its fashionable or not. Just be you!


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