A love of all types of Art, is the biggest gift when it comes to inspiration for creating my original pieces.

You could find me out in the paddock in better weather with my paints, canvas and view of surrounding Dja Dja Wurrung.
Country between Castlemaine and Daylesford. (Yandoit)

My compositions contain brights and pink is a colour I really can’t do without. I love Abstract using arching shapes and intricate markings, coloured layers and textured finishes to my work.

Love, life, laughter and all that matters is wrapped up in my family life and my paint brushes!

If I was to name one other influence it would be my travelling experiences throughout Italy, France, the UK and Holland that is something
I refer to in my work often.
When I’m home, in Yandoit, it’s definitely the country life for me I’m usually bringing life to a blank canvas or various garden beds around our 100 year old home.

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