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Vibrant, fun, passionate...that's me! When paint hits the canvas, you are seeing genuine energy that comes from the freedom to express my moments. My art is a direct link to my genuine self, me being me. I only paint when I'm truly able to let you see the inner me, creating real and unique art. It's my gift to you.

So…WHY do I paint? As a teen I was pretty shy, reserved. At times, I felt not seen amongst my peers. I loved to sing and act, but felt scared and like I wasn’t good enough to put myself forward, especially when I compared myself to my school mates. But now is my time! I would love nothing more than to be appreciated for my happy, fun personality and delight with the art I am creating.

Abstract expressionism best describes my style and living on the glorious Mornington Peninsula, I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many awe inspiring facets of nature. I’m also inspired by life and people…they can both be so fascinating! Music makes my heart sing and is a huge part of every piece, as seen in the marks I make. I totally love to put on my favourite songs and paint like nobody’s watching.