Hi, I'm Yani (pronounced Shani, crazy, right?). 

I am the creative hand behind paperbrush, a name I chose as it closely relates to my art and the variety of media and styles I like.

I love working with oils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels or just pen and pencil.

My inspiration comes from anything and everything, but particularly from ordinary things I see every day. My phone is always full from the amount of photos I take for inspiration! 

When I look at my subject, I like to focus on how light affects it. My style is generally bright and full of colour. But I also want to capture the mood, which will affect how bright or how soft every piece of art will be.

I live near Bathurst in NSW, Australia, with my husband and three young boys, a family of shingleback lizards, a herd of cattle and the occasional snake.


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