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The creative process for me is filtered through my love of light, a sense of optimism and admiration of the beauty in my ever-changing environment - finding expression on my canvas.
I’m a self taught artist living in the Gold Coast Australia. I love to work with both oil and acrylics and usually use a palette knife which allows me to achieve a highly textured finish which I mostly prefer.

I was introduced to art at an early age, years later in my 20’s, I really commissioned my first piece. Through my passion for interior design, I was moved to create the perfect piece to compliment the space I was working on. I chose to pursue interior design while still continuing to create art for private collections.

A move to Spain in 2018 reignited my desire to paint and has given me continuous inspiration. I felt like I was seeing the world through fresh eyes and opening my imagination to the endless beauty of everyday scenes around me - Light filtering through a narrow alley as it carried my eye to the sea, or the way the day turned to dusk as it flickered fresh colours on the white village walls. I was captivated and I knew I wanted to find expression for the endless images in my mind. As well as drawing from these experiences and many years spent in the natural beauty of New Zealand , being home in Australia after a twenty five year absence awakened me to what I'd taken for granted growing up in Australia. I brought those new eyes of appreciation home with me and I’m constantly amazed by the sheer natural beauty living surrounded by the Gold Coast hinterland with its abundant lushness to the Ocean and Islands I adore here. While several styles influence my work, such as Impressionism and abstract expressionism, I’m always experimenting with new methods and mediums and love to portray a sense of fun in my artwork.

Even though I usually paint from memory, I don’t like to remain in the past. I want to evoke a sense of what’s to come, of memories that are yet to be made whether for me as the artist or for you as the collector. I hope my art uplifts and gives as much joy to you as it does to me.