'DHARRABU' Original Artwork By Amanda Hinkelmann (Because Of My Four)


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This artwork is an original and authentic artwork. It was produced on Wiradjuri Country, by Wiradjuri artist, Amanda Hinkelmann. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

This artwork represents the way in which Aboriginal peoples have lived from the land for many thousands of years. The ways Mother Earth has nourished our people and cared for them by providing an abundance of bush tucker. The bush tucker used by Aboriginal peoples. It represents the way in which country provides for the people and the animals that live there, and the way in which the peoples take only what they need, to ensure there is always enough food for both the people and animals on Country.

It was the role of the woman to forage for berries, fruits, and native herbs. They would collect these items carefully, teaching the young as they went which foods were able to be collected and which were better left alone.

There are representations within this artwork of lemon myrtle, wattle seeds, Kakadu plum, desert quandong, wattles and river red gum.


100cm by 100cm

Acrylic on Canvas

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Amanda Hinkelmann, 2021