Don't Think Twice - Limited Edition Print By Brittany Ferns

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Brittany Ferns


Limited Edition Print by Brittany Ferns, printed on Fine Art Textured Cotton Paper 320GSM.

Limited run of 20 per size available with all prints hand signed and numbered.

Available size: 

  •   30cm x 30cm with 3.5cm white border top and bottom and 3.5cm white border on sides.


Brittany Ferns is an Australian Visual Artist based in Newcastle, NSW. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Communication and Design and spent ten years working as a Graphic Designer and Textile Designer in Sydney and Los Angeles. She now lives in Newcastle, Australia with her husband Ben, son Zali, daughter Edie and dog Coco.  

 On first glance, Ferns paintings depicts a snapshot of tropical landscapes; of swaying palms, of a calm ocean framed by rolling hills in the distance. Like little post cards representing a moment in time, that imply “from where you’d rather be”. But look a little closer, and her works reveal a more profound connection to place, memory and personal history.

Her portraits are manifested from her imagination, a search for her identity, although of no one in particular, they are contemplative and depict a slower and quieter place.

 Brittany considers the idea of surface when she paints, echoing the process of aged and weathered walls, she places equal importance on both the outward appearance of the artwork, as well as summoning what lies beneath. In search of finding a balance between beauty and imperfection.

Enjoying the physical motion of adding and taking away. Ferns repeats the process of layering plaster and paint and sanding it back again, giving her mind space to rest, while revealing her story.

 Her soft muted palette communicates that these images are thematically ephemeral, decayed and sun bleached, while philosophically decorative, it is a strong component of her visual language. Although serving to control the painting, to relax the viewer and evoke a sense of calm.

All prints sold unframed, wrapped in acid-free tissue paper.

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