'Dharrang' Original Artwork By Amanda Hinkelmann (Because of my four)


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Size - 124cm x 94cm

Framed in oak.

This piece is a representation of the Dreaming and the beginnings of life from The Creation Period. Within it, you begin to see representations of life. From nothing, there appears clusters of people, sitting together amongst meeting places, moving from one place to the next along pathways, being forged for the first time. There are the beginnings of the first tools- shown in the line work and angles. The first creeks and rivers, represented in a mirage of circles, joining with every whisper of the water's swirling and flowing. These beginnings, these Dreamings, held sacred to Aboriginal peoples, with stories only we know and understand. Stories that run deep in our culture and bloodlines. These stories are our 'Dharrang', our letters from Ancestors, that only we know how to read.


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