Colour my World with Love Moroccan Rugs

Colour my World with Love Moroccan Rugs

Never before has it been easier to adorn your home with unique one-off vintage Moroccan rugs and the best of Australian Art.  We aim to bring our touch of style to your home by supplying you with the most stunning art pieces.  From floor to walls we aim to bring a colourful collection of art and flooring to add personality, interest and uniqueness to your home.

Love Moroccan Art Collection 

The LMR Art collection is handpicked and curated by Love Moroccan Rugs founder, Kate Treadwell.  In addition to her gorgeous range of vintage rugs, Kate also finds art exciting and uplifting. Supporting Australian artists from all around the country is a passion of Kates. She works with each artist to represent the best of Australian Art and makes finding these exclusive pieces easier for the Australian consumer.

From the vibrant colours of ‘Powder Puff’ by Camilla Cicoria, ‘Alzira’ by Maree Nic, ‘White Flower’ by Jai Vasicek the collection aims to bring colour and escapism to wherever in your home you choose to feature it.  Our Australian artists come from a background in fashion, art, graphic design, some self-taught others with fine art degrees.  

Muted tones feature heavily in the LMR art collection too. 'Eucalyptus Sunrise' an original Artwork By Sharmain Lowe features moody green tones softened by whites and peachy pinks. Pastels from the ‘Sunset And Sunrises’ Print collection By Bonnie Gray will seamlessly suit homes with neutral colour palettes to the boldest of colour schemes.  

Brittany Ferns brings a soft and gentle colour palette that makes us feel that ‘golden-hour’ vibe with our favourite limited edition prints such as ‘The Sun Lights You Up’ and ‘Mercado De Fruta’. Her portraits are manifested from her imagination, a search for her identity, although of no one in particular, they are contemplative and depict a slower and quieter place.

The Nakita Vintage Rug Collection

The newest release of vintage Moroccan rugs has been handpicked to complement your existing furniture, your newly chosen art and, ultimately, your home.  This holistic way of interior design and adding decor to your home is a failsafe way of adding personality and class to your living spaces.  ‘

BABAR’ is a Vintage Moroccan Boujaad rug. Only one of its kind. Sourced from the Haouz region in the Middle Atlas Mountains and dates back to the 1960s. Made with soft wool and natural dyes, the warm pink, red and orange hues are a defining feature of these tribal rugs that were hand-woven by the woman of the community. Irregular patterning and designs are imbued with traditional Berber motifs that symbolise themes like fertility, spirituality and rural family life. 

MAISY’ sneaks in with a slightly cooler colour scheme featuring soft pinks and greys, in great vintage condition, this would be stunning in a living area or even a modern baby’s room. 

NARIA’ Vintage Moroccan Boujaad rug. Is the perfect neutral. Faded apricot, grey and blush this vintage wool rug was produced using traditional artisan techniques and bring a rich history, authenticity and uniqueness to our home. With varying sizes and pile lengths these “carpets” make perfect area rugs for lounge rooms, dining areas, hallways and smaller spaces like a nursery or the side or foot of the bed.  Shop the whole collection here.

Colour my World 

Beautifully, when the LMR art collection comes together with our vintage Moroccan rugs is when ‘colour my world’ happens. We’ve handpicked some of the most stunning vintage Moroccan rugs and brought them into 2021 by matching them with a stunning piece of contemporary Australian Art. A closing word from Love Moroccan Rugs founder, Kate “The use of colours and motifs in these rugs fill me with so much joy and I hope it does for you too.” 

We invite you to ‘colour my world’ with Love Moroccan Rugs. Shop now via the link in bio at Instagram, Facebook or shop at

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Styling your home for the Seasons...

Styling your home for the Seasons...

Sharing the Love - with Love Moroccan Rugs

Sharing the Love - with Love Moroccan Rugs


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